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We use Cookies on our website. Cookies are pieces of data created when you visit a site and are stored in the cookie directory of your hard drive. They generally do not expire when you leave the webpage or shut down your PC. Cookies do not contain any personal information about you and cannot be used to identify an individual user. They are used to help you when you return to a website. For example, they may enable you to return directly to a particular part of the site by ‘remembering’ where you last accessed. If you choose not to accept the cookies (by setting your browser to reject them), this should not affect your access to the majority of facilities available on our website.

1. What are Cookies and what are their purposes

Cookies are small text files that are saved onto a PC by websites, for example to remember a user’s preferences or track their progress within the site. There has been much debate about how they might be intrusive or infringe privacy. They are used on many websites and we currently use Cookies on The Writing Hand website for some menus, accessibility tools, and tracking user statistics.

2. How to control and delete Cookies

If you want to block Cookies or restrict what types of cookies are placed on your computer use the “help” feature on your web browser, which you can access by pressing your F1 key on the top of your keyboard. Search for Cookies and it will explain where in the menu you will have the option to control what Cookies can be set and how you can delete existing Cookies. Restricting cookies will have an impact on your browsing experience on this site, but this should be minor in most cases.

www.aboutcookies.org contains a large amount of information on how to manage Cookies and your privacy online. There’s information on how to delete cookies and more information on what they are and do. For deleting cookies on mobile phones and mobile devices you may need to visit the manufacturer’s website for more information on managing Cookies.